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    Welcome to Ocean Training Online

    Welcome to Ocean Training Online
    RYA Leisure courses and MCA Commercial Courses Online

    The choice of Professionals

    Our courses include both RYA Leisure courses and MCA STCW 95 Commercial courses

    We have been providing high quality Interactive courses for many years, presently serving over 67 countries worldwide.

    The courses all come with very high quality animations which really enhance the learning.

    100 animations for RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship, 330 animations for RYA Day Skipper and 375 animations for RYA/MCA Yachtmaster
    These are professionally made animations and are so good they are now all used for training of the MCA staff themselves!
    These animations are the "icing on the cake" and compliment the high quality course material. All the courses also have Student Marked Assignments (SMA's) and Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA's).

    Like all good things we are not the cheapest but these are the best courses you will find for a fantastic learning experience.
    We provide fast 1 to 1 tutor support by e-mail and Skype. We do not believe in electronic automatic tutor responses. Do beware of other courses that will not give you the Tutor backup when you need it!

    We also provide the MCA Officer of the Watch (OOW) - Yachts Under 3000 tons Navigation and Radar on-line course and the MCA General Ship Knowledge Online course.

    Worldwide Leaders in Maritime On-line Learning

    • Professional and Leisure Courses
    • RYA and MCA Qualifications
    • US Coastguard Qualifications
    • Full Support of Professionally Qualified Tutors - always available online
    • Many Quality Illustrations and Animations - as used by the MCA
    • All Learning Materials Supplied
    • Complete Courses - Study at Home or at Sea - Worldwide
    • Begin at any time of the year - Study in your own time and pace
    • Examinations are completed at Home or at Sea
    • Courses include full Certification

    RYA / MCA Online Theory Courses
    We have been renowned for the provision of RYA Theory Online courses for over 17 years
    • RYA Online Essential Navigation & Seamanship
    • RYA Online Day Skipper
    • RYA/MCA Online Yachtmaster
    • RYA/MCA Online Yachtmaster Ocean
    • Online Radar
    • RYA Online VHF/SRC
    • MCA Officer of the Watch
    • MCA Navigation & Radar
    • MCA General Ship Knowledge

    Learning at home or at sea is a great way of obtaining your MCA Theory qualifications as part of the new MCA Blended Learning System.

    Proud to be associated with RYA MCA U Superyacht & US Superyacht

    RYA Theory Courses Online

    The Ocean Training Online courses are the affordable and practical choice for anyone seeking to further their sailing skills either for Leisure purposes or to advance their career options with a Commercial course

    We currently offer a superb choice of online RYA courses that can be completed in your own time and pace.

    Our RYA Online Theory courses, which enable you to work comfortably in your own time and pace, will prepare you thoroughly for the final examinations.

    All the courses we provide are globally recognised.

    When you choose to undertake one of our RYA theory courses online, you will have a complete pack of all the essential course materials. The main advantage of these RYA courses is that they can be completed anywhere in the world whilst effortlessly fitting in with your own personal schedule and learning requirements.

    MCA Theory Courses Online

    Ocean Training Online are leading innovators in online maritime training and we are able to offer a superb choice of MCA Distance Learning packages which lead to fully recognized MCA Qualifications.

    These courses will help you gain full or part-time employment working at sea on Superyachts or larger ships. Our modular learning programmes and fully approved MCA courses include, the STCW 95 (STCW 2010 Manila Amendment) MCA Officer of the Watch - Yachts under 3000gt.

    This course is in two parts -

    MCA Navigation and Radar which is a 12 module course that offers Blended learning (which enables you to learn all the theory both at home and at sea) and the -

    MCA Officer of the Watch General Ship Knowledge course which you can easily work through in any part of the world at a pace of your choosing. The GSK course itself consists of 4 separate modules which cover Meteorology, Seamanship, Ship Construction and Stability.

    The main advantage that our MCA Distance Learning courses offer is the fact that you can advance through the syllabus absolutely anywhere. You will have the services of your own professional tutor who is an e-mail or phone call away This means that you can learn the theory side of things whilst you are actually working at sea which gives you the chance to continue earning a living whilst you gaining your new MCA qualifications at the same time.
    Our STCW MCA Courses are typically completed within 6 months of enrolment and lead to a full certificate that can result in a well paid job. The courses include everything you will need. In short you can

    "Earn while you Learn"
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