IALA B - US Bouyage Rule

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IALA B - US Bouyage Rule
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This great Rule identifies the most common U.S.aids to navigation, Rules of the Road, and maneuvering and warning signals for U.S. waters.

This simple to use identification tool shows the actual view of maritime buoyage systems with corresponding chart symbols.

It describes bridge lighting and Intracoastal Waterway markings.Makes it easy to understand and quick to refer to.

Whether in a classroom or at the helm/bridge, critical decisions can be made quickly and with confidence with the aide of this instrument. Is constructed of durable two-sided black PVC. Its design is similar to a slide-rule.

Made by Weems & Plath - makers of the finest Navigation tools on the market

The various buoyage markers are drawn in color to match the chart symbol. This quick reference tool is a great value, is stored in a vinyl sleeve and fits nicely in a chart table. Dimensions: 16" x 5 ª". ROADrule complements the recently introduced LIGHTrule COLREGS that has become an instant success. We have also expanded the line to include three additional recognition tools and study aids that cover European inland Canals and International Waters. Navigation Aids, Rules of the Road and Light Characteristics for US Waters.
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