MCA Celestial Navigation - Online Distance Learning Course

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MCA Celestial Navigation  - Online Distance Learning Course
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MCA Master (Yachts) - Celestial Navigation is a 21st Century way of learning this subject at sea or at home so that you can "Earn while you Learn"

This course will teach you all you need to know about the theory and practice of Celestial Navigation

You can start the course any time

The MCA have introduced a Celestial Navigation exam, which will be required for issue of a Master (Yachts) <500gt and <3000gt Certificate of Competence (CoC)

This has been in force since 1st January 2014.

(Please Note -This certificate is only valid for 1 year from date of issue)

The exam is all that is required by the MCA.


This online Celestial Navigation course is geared to the new 21st Century way of Blended Learning approved by the MCA

The Celestial Navigation course is a perfect way to get to grips with this exciting topic. You can study at home or at sea -
GPS and all the modern navigation aids are fine but you must be prepared and capable of taking Celestial Observations when all the systems go down!

Ocean Training Online has introduced a complete online course to learn the latest skills in Celestial Navigation and of course this can be used as a refresher, in case your Celestial skills are a little rusty.
Either way this 50 hour, study anywhere - online course will adequately prepare you for the MCA Exam.


Fixing Position using Celestial bodies

Identification and selection of the the most suitable Celestial Bodies during Twilight

How to calculate the time of visible rising and setting of the Sun

Calculating Altitude and Azimuth of Celestial Bodies

Accurately Plotting the positions of Celestial Bodies in order to obtain a fix

Using the Nautical Almanac and Calculator, or the quick method tables, to establish a Position Line from a Celestial Body

Using a Sextant and Chronometer to observe a Celestial Body

How to calculate Latitude by Celestial Observation

Calculating the Latitude using Polaris

Calculating the Latitude by Meridian Altitude of the Sun or a Planet

Calculating the time of Meridian Altitude of the Sun or a Planet

Establishing Compass Error by Celestial means

Establishing Compass Error by Amplitude of the Sun or a Planet

Establishing Compass Error by Azimuth of the Sun, a Planet or a Star


The course comes on a USB Stick so as soon as you get it you are ready to go!

The Ocean Training course includes a complete set of Celestial Navigation Tables so you do not need any other reference material

Your own dedicated professional tutor who will guide you through the course and mark your assignments and the Ocean Training internal examination at the end of the course. (This will fully prepare you for the MCA exam)

The tutor is only an e-mail, or telephone call away

A fantastic Celestial Navigation Movie that really enhances the learning - so good that you even see the detail of the tables

Celestial Plotting Sheets

"Mock" exam at the end of the course that prepares you for the MCA (IAMI) exam


This must be taken at the Ocean Training Partner college - The City of Glasgow College in Scotland. It can be done in 2 hours but please aim to be there for 1 day

The student must obtain an overall percentage of 65% to pass.

Please note: the student may use any method to calculate a fix using Celestial Objects to obtain position lines, and may use the Nautical Almanac and the quick method tables.

Calculators are allowed but not programmable calculators, smart phones, tablets or computers.

MCA Exam - The MCA (IAMI) exam has a fee of £150 - payable after the course is completed and you are fully ready for the exam

"Earn while you Learn" - at Home or at Sea

* Funding can be available in certain circumstances. - please ask Ocean Training for details

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