MCA Personal Survial Techniques (PST)

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MCA Personal Survial Techniques (PST)
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The Personal Survival Techniques (PST) course is a mandatory survival course for anyone intending to work on any commercial ship, or workboat. It's a one day course with the theory elements delivered in a classroom and the practical session delivered in the water. The course provides you with the skills that enable you to cope in the event of your vessel being abandoned. Once you've booked, we'll send directions to the venue and a list of what you'll need to bring on the day.


Minimum entry requirements
There are no entry requirements for this course, but it does involve some physical activities within the pool, so candidates should ensure that they are fit and well.

Additional selection requirements
There's no requirement to have any swimming skills, as all water activities are closely monitored by lifeguards and teaching staff.


The Activities Pre and Post Abandonment of Your Vessel.
Using the Equipment in an Approved Life Raft.
Use of EPIRB and SART Devices.
Techniques to Improve Preservation of Life Inside and Outside the Survival Craft.
Consideration of Water Conditions.
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