MCA Master 200 / Officer of the Watch 500 - Distance Learning Exam Preparation Course

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MCA Master 200 / Officer of the Watch 500 - Distance Learning Exam Preparation Course
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This course will enable you to be in command of a vessel under 200gt - including tugs and workboats

A Complete course which will prepare you for the MCA Oral Exams for the Master 200 gt and the OOW 500 gt


This course is the first of its type and the beauty is that you can study it wherever you are in the world - in your own time and at a pace to suit your lifestyle

We have students in over 75 countries plus many learning at sea.

This method of study with this Distance Learning Course will save you time and money.

This Master 200 / OOW 500 Distance Learning course will even enable you to study in your own time and pace - at home or at sea

You will have the services of your own online professional tutor

A complete Distance Learning (e-learning) course that will prepare you for the Master 200 qualification.

There are two versions of the Master 200 qualification. The Master 200 (restricted) can operate up to 150 NM from a safe haven, whereas the full Master 200 (unrestricted) qualification allows you to operate globally.

Please note - The preparation course and the exam for both are the same. Your pre-requisites dictate which level you can aspire to


The Master 200 + Yachtmaster Offshore = Master Limited

The Master 200 + Yachtmaster Offshore + Yachtmaster Ocean = Master Unlimited


The Master 200 qualification is legally recognised by more national authorities worldwide than the Yachtmaster qualification.

If you are a qualified Master 200 you are also qualified as an Officer of the Watch (OOW) on yachts up to 500 gt.

The Master 200 qualification is a good lead in between the MCA/RYA Yachtmaster courses and the MCA Deck Officer Courses.

This is a complete home/at sea Distance Learning course which is a total preparation for the MCA Master 200 Oral Exam.


For a Master 200gt / OOW 500 gt Limited Certificate you will need:

RYA/MCA Coastal Skipper Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competency - Commercially endorsed

STCW Personal Survival Techniques

STCW Firefighting and Fire Prevention

STCW First Aid

STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

A GMDSS Restricted Operators Certificate

Human Element Leadership and Management (HELM)

ENG 1 Medical

Be aged over 18

For a Master 200gt / OOW 500 gt Unlimited Certificate you will need (In addition to the above)

RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean course including the Yachtmaster Ocean Shorebased course

GMDSS General Operators Certificate

ENG 1 Medical

Be aged over 18



International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (Colregs)


Compass Work

Maintaining a Safe Navigational Watch


Passage Planning

Responses to Emergencies

Radar and ARPA

Marine Law

Electronic Navigation

Marine Business


Pollution control (MARPOL)



Ocean Training Master 200/OOW 500 Complete Coursework - available on a USB Stick.

375 Amazing Animations which really bring the learning messages home - So Good they are even used by the MCA for staff and Coastguard Training

Ocean Training Almanac

5 Charts

Ocean Training - Training Record Book

Full Tutor Support

Final (Mock) Exam - This will prepare you for the MCA exam - just like the real thing


This course will take you about 50 hours to study - in your own time and pace - anywhere in the world using our Blended Learning System - there is a lot to learn!

However our coursework is of a very high quality with diagrams, chartplots, worked exampes etc.

You can learn at home, or at sea wherever you are and will also have the services of 1 to 1 tuition via your tutor with e-mail

We do give you a maximum period of 12 months in which to study the course so that you can fit it in with the rest of "Life's Rich Pattern"


When you have completed the course your tutor/examiner will then give you an oral examination over the phone - this is just like the real MCA examination.

Upon passing the internal Ocean Training Exam we will then advise you to complete a MCA Notice of Eligibility (NOE)

Presently this is taking 6 - 8 weeks to process by the MCA

Once cleared by the NOE you will then need to go to the nearest MCA Exam Centre to complete the final Oral MCA exam


Because you are not under pressure using our Distance Learning method, you are able to learn the course to a very high level.

Our exam pass rates using this system are extremely high.

* Funding can be available in certain circumstances. - please ask Ocean Training for details

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  • 1 to 1 guidance from tutors