Navigation & Safety - How much do you Know?

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Navigation & Safety - How much do you Know?
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This CD will not only test your knowledge of Navigation and Safety but it will allow you to learn the areas where your knowledge is poor.

This is brilliant for revision or for brushing up prior to an exam. It has a variety of learning/testing scenarios and will really enhance your learning

The CD provides an answer report and you can compare your wrong answers to the correct solutions.

Ideal for Distance Learning, Night School or Class based teaching.

The revision items are totally interactive and will really test your knowledge and skill

They include:

Altering course for Ships and Buoyage

International Code Flags

Lights and Shapes (International Rules)

Identify the Flashing Sequence of Lighthouses

Buoyage (IALA System)

Sound Signals

Chart Symbols

Life Raft Procedures

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