Professional Navigation Tools

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Professional Navigation Tools
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The Professional Navigation Tools Set is the Rolls Royce of Navigation Tools. Made by the best manufacturer of Navigation Tools - Weems & Plath

A must for the True Professional.

It is assembled with the finest brass ONE-HAND DIVIDERS and deluxe brass arm PARALLEL RULES plus a liquid filled Brass Compass placed in an elegant deep red mahogany finish wooden box that is fitted with polished brass hardware.

These timeless, traditional precision instruments are like the ones you might see in the world's finest maritime museums or on board a square rigged ship over one hundred years ago. The die cut foam holds the instruments securely in the wooden box for safe stowage at sea.The box is especially suitable for custom engraving or the addition of a brass presentation plaque.

Treat yourself with these fine products or give them to a relative or friend as a gift they will always treasure. Used continuously by many Marine Professionals


•8 inch brass One-Hand Divider

•15 inch Deluxe Brass Arm Parallel Ruler

•1-3/4 inch liquid filled compass

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