Radar Training Tutor and Simulator

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Radar Training Tutor and Simulator
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If you want to know how to use Radar this software is a must. It is vital to understand all the rudiments of Radar especially Collision Avoidance. Ideal for the Dayskipper or Yachtmaster and the perfect introduction to the Merchant Navy (Officer of the Watch) etc

The Ocean Training Radar Tutorial & Simulator is a combination of two complementary training aids, which run on standard PCs under Windows 2000, XP, or Vista or Windows 7. It offers detailed explanations, self-testing and unlimited practice. The Tutorial uses simplified radar screens and controls, with an emphasis on understanding the movements of targets and the appropriate responses, while the Simulator presents highly-realistic radar displays and a full set of controls for totally absorbing practice.

Radar Plotting Tutor
If you have radar fitted to your vessel, you are obliged to use it for watch-keeping, and to have a competent trained operator. Gaining this competence takes training and a lot of practice.
The most difficult part of interpreting a radar display is the effect of relative motion - the movement of your own vessel combines with the true movement of each contact - leaving you to figure out what the contact is really doing.

The Plotting Tutor is an interactive guide to the measurements you need to make, the controls used and the limits of accuracy, and provides practice at observing, measuring and responding to potential threats. You can print out free plotting sheets, for use in practice sessions or real navigation.

The program includes feedback on your ability to interpret the screen correctly, and also provides an interactive demonstration of the SART, search and rescue transponder. Finally the program explores those aspects of the Collision Regulations which apply to radar use. If you have radar, you should have this program.

Radar Training Simulator
Every bridge officer on commercial vessels is required to spend time on a radar simulator as part of his training. The latest version of the Radar Simulator offers virtually the same training facilities at a take-home price and includes all the additional features which were requested by users of the widely-acclaimed original.
There are two alternative sets: one a green-screen CRT with separate buttons for each function, and a flat-screen LCD using soft-keys and menus. The CRT is ideal for beginners, as all functions are immediately accessible. The LCD uses controls typical of current-issue sets.

Detailed modelling allows close quarters pilotage practice. Both models of radar are equipped with MARPA (Mini Automatic Plotting Aid) and Wakes to assist in tracking target movements. Real charts can be used with the Simulator, for complete navigation exercises, and there is a wide choice of own and target vessels which respond to rudder and throttle as they would in reality.
Wind, rain and other weather factors can be set, and exercises can be modified or created as required.

Minimum Requirements: Windows 2000 XP or Windows 7. Pentium III 800Mhz. 256 Mb RAM.


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